Connect Indoor & Outdoor Living Spaces

Bronze partner

Phantom Screens lets you bring your clients the best of the outdoors into their home, and the comfort of the indoors to their outdoor spaces. Our retractable screens remain concealed out-of-sight until they’re needed, enhancing healthy homes, functionality, energy savings and comfort - all while preserving beautiful views and curb appeal. • Use Phantom retractable screens to let in fresh air without pests • Integrate retractable solar shades to manage daylight, solar heat gain and UV exposure • Utilize retractable clear vinyl to maintain comfortable outdoor living spaces for all seasons. Our retractable solutions integrate seamlessly with doors, windows, opening glass walls, and covered outdoor spaces. We make it easy for you to integrate retractable screens into your projects without added work. We’ll meet with your subtrades, perform the screen installations, and handle any future maintenance requests. Have questions? Call 1-888-444-4142 and ask to speak with one of our design/build specialists.

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