The New American Home 2021 features all the latest home automation and smart home technology throughout. The home uses Control 4, which is a fully integrated home automation system allowing full personalization and making it easy to use for everyone. With the use of multiple smart home technology platforms and products within its system one is sure to find something around every corner.

Lighting Control
The first step in home automation is the lighting control system. Not only can one create a specific ambiance or mood in each room, but it is made simple by the touch of a preset button on the lighting keypad. These keypads communicate directly to the lighting panels located in the heart of The New American Home’s AV closet in the center of the home. These lighting panels are what make it possible to fully customize the lighting system. 

Touch Screens and Apps
And if the lighting scene is not just what you wanted you can find any of the touch screens located in the main spaces throughout the home. Through these touch screens one can personalize anything from the lighting, audio, climate, shades, security, and much more! In addition to the touch screens the same features can be found through an app on all smart phones allowing one to adjust anything from anywhere!

Digital Media and Audio
The next step in creating the perfect ambiance at The New American Home is the ability to hear music throughout each room. Ceiling speakers can be found on each floor, which connect directly to the rack in the AV closet. Any of the touch screens throughout the home can change the music or audio playing. The user has the ability to customize settings and enable changes throughout the home or in a specific room.

In addition to audio, the digital media experience in this home is unparalleled through the high definition LG OLED ThinQ televisions, linked directly to the integrated automation system. All the TV’s are enabled from the technology in the AV closet, which allows one to connect to their favorite digital streaming service or analog AV systems like cable or satellite. By having all the major connections in the in a concealed space, it eliminates the need for cables throughout the home leaving a sleek, clean space to enhance your entertainment experiences.

Climate Control
Control 4 is unique in that it is compatible with many additional products and platforms, including climate control. Each of the Mitsubishi mini-split units in The New American Home are fully controllable through the Control 4 system. This is accessible through the any of the touch screens located throughout or the smart phone app.

Motorized Shades
The New American Home 2021 offers multiple motorized shade options throughout the home from the exterior of the home to the interior. Inside the home privacy shades can be found nestled in the ceiling pockets of the bedrooms, office, and exercise room. Whereas on the exterior with the help of Phantom Screens two types of screens can be found.

The first type of Phantom Screen used is the motorized shades on the terraces allowing for one to create a new indoor space outside! These motorized shades also have a wind sensor that will automatically raise the screen if the wind picks up when a storm rolls in. While the second Phantom Screen is a motorized cable system at each window. These exterior window shades also adapt to the time of day to minimize solar heat gain, which is important especially in Florida! All of the shades use Somfy System's motors, which work directly with the Control 4 system allowing them to be open and closed by a handheld remote, keypads, touch screens, or smart phone.